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The Mansfield constituency sits in Nottinghamshire and was formed in 1885. The current constituency includes the town of Mansfield and spreads into Forest Town, Woodhouse and the village of Warsop. 

We're currently looking forward to the 2017 County Council elections and we'd love to hear from you if you're interested in helping, or even standing to be a Councillor.

At a European level, Mansfield is part of the East Midlands Region, we have two Conservative European Members of Parliament-Emma McClarkin and Andrew Lewer

The aim of the Association is to promote the Conservative Party at all levels – through the work of our officers and the hard work of our voluntary organisation, which comprise our officer team, executive committee, and volunteer helpers throughout the constituency. We also want to provide Mansfield Conservative minded people (and any others who may wish to attend) with social events during which they can enjoy themselves and converse with the local Conservative team to ensure that their voice is heard!

If you are interested in standing as a Conservative Councillor, helping the Association more generally or maybe just enquire about our social events, please email us.