Local News

A Positive Autumn Statement

Today we've seen some fantastic announcements in the Autumn Statement to support people and businesses in the coming months and years, including:

A further rise in the Income Tax Threshold so we all pay no tax on the first £11,500 of our income.

Fantastic employment news again!

The unemployment rate has dropped to an 11-year low of just 4.8 per cent – down by more than 900,000 since 2010 – according to the latest set of labour market figures out today.

Polls give Conservatives record lead

All of the figures from Pollsters across the country right now give Theresa May's Conservative Party a record-breaking lead of up to 18 points over Corbyn's Labour.

Here are the latest figures from Ipsos Mori (14-17 Oct 16):

Westminster voting intention:

A Country that works for Everyone!

Conservative Party Conference this week made it clear that, whilst Labour fall out amongst themselves and UKIP fall to pieces, the Conservatives are putting ordinary working people first.

Promotion for our neighbouring MP

We're incredibly proud of our neighbour, Sherwood MP Mark Spencer, and delighted that he's been offered a promotion and a job in Theresa May's Government.

Well done Mark and congratulations on your appointment to the Whip's Office. Onwards and upwards!

Welcoming our new PM

We're delighted that Theresa May is the new Prime Minister of the UK, and we'll work together with her and the new Government to build a better Britain.

You can read the full text of her first speech as PM by clicking here or see the latest on her new Cabinet HERE

Leadership Campaign

In the wake of the referendum and the resignation of David Cameron, the Conservative Party will soon vote for a new Leader and Prme Minister.

EU Referendum

Just to let everyone know that, because the Conservative Party is playing no active part in the Referendum Campaign, we'll be keeping quiet on our website about the issue over the coming weeks.

Police & Crime Election results

Thanks to all the volunteers and supporters who helped in the PCC election, where Tony Harper was unfortunately beaten in to second place.