Turning Ashfield Blue

The Ashfield and Mansfield Conservatives work hard in Ashfield to make sure that Conservatives and local people are given a strong voice. We have a very dedicated team in Ashfield who are constantly out listening to residents and their views on local issues. Ashfield Conservatives are consistently out on the doorstep as an understanding of what residents want from their local government is fundamental to good governance that can work for the residents of Ashfield.

We are please to announce Lee Anderson as the Ashfield Parliamentary candidate. Lee is a Local man with strong beliefs and a pride for Ashfield. As party Chairman I can honestly say I have yet to meet a more dedicated man with a genuine care for the residents of Ashfield. 

Lee has lived and worked in the local area all of his life and shows tremendous pride in representing Ashfield. When the election comes around we will have only 2 real choices, Labour or Conservative. No one else would have any effect for Ashfield in the decision making process in parliament, so it's either a person drafted in by Labour who has constantly shown how out of touch she is with the people of Ashfield or Lee. "you know it makes sense vote local".