Laura Hemmings

I was born, primary schooled (then went on to Brunt’s) and raised in this ward and I have fond memories of playing on the parks with friends on Grange Farm. 


Within the ward, I become the Sutton Road School Brown Owl (Brownie Leader in Girl Guiding) where I volunteered for over 20 years. Sadly, for guiding, I ended up having 3 boys so a move to scouts may be on the cards!


My first career was in HR, then I went on to engineering and I was one of the first female site engineers to be involved in the British Digital Switch Over (this involved climbing 1000ft TV masts up and down the UK). This job was actually a walk in the park compared the next job that followed....becoming a Mother and raising my 3 boys!


Nowadays, I live and work in Mansfield. I own a very successful business that runs from our town centre called ‘Superstar Speakers events Ltd’ this is a family business with family values. I believe Superstar Speakers Events Ltd is putting Mansfield back on the map by bringing countless celebrities to the town for ‘evening with’ events, attracting international tourism and boosting the visitor rate of our town. 


I’m honoured to have been awarded to stand for Grange Farm Conservative Cllr. I would like nothing better than to become a spokesperson for Grange Farm at MDC.


An update by Laura Hemmings in Grange Farm

The Grange Farm ward has a limited amount of beautiful green space that is being well kept by the current community teams. Protecting the environment, nature, fawner and flora are paramount for local residents and the future of the land next to the path leading to Morrisons is tainted.