Ben Bradley MP Praises Local Homeless Charities During Westminster Debate

On Tuesday, Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield attended a House of Commons debate on Homelessness. 

Mr Bradley welcomed the work that the Government has been doing to tackle this important issue. The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 which comes into force in April will ensure that all English local authorities, public services and the third sector will work together more effectively to help prevent homelessness. The Act will place a duty on local authorities to help all eligible people at risk of becoming homeless 56 days before they are threatened with homelessness.

During the debate, Mr Bradley praised the good work done by the local authority and by Framework Housing Association’s outreach team who he met last year. He spoke of the important work carried out by Framework to provide housing assistance and access to support services for mental health and drug and alcohol addiction. Mr Bradley also praised the Beacon Project for their help providing food and showers to homeless people as well as their help ensuring that homeless people are able to access key local services.

Mr Bradley highlighted the complex issues behind homelessness and called for the Government to help supported housing associations access funding to ensure that vulnerable people receive ongoing support. He also highlighted the importance of funding prevention programmes to ensure that individuals are helped at the earliest possible opportunity.

Commenting, Ben Bradley MP said:

“It’s a hugely important issue across the country and I want to make sure that Government sees tackling homelessness as a big priority. They’re taking a lot of steps forward including piloting new ideas, committing £1bn to tackling the issue and introducing the new Homelessness Reduction Act in April. From the work I’ve done locally, bringing service providers together with Government Ministers, I know there are a lot of challenges but also a real commitment to helping the poorest people in Mansfield,’’