Our Campaign in Mansfield

The Ashfield and Mansfield Conservatives are currently running a non-stop campaign in time for the 2019 District Elections. We have a fantastic and ever-growing team of local council candidates in Mansfield who are out campaigning EVERY SINGLE DAY listening to the voices of our district. The team is regularly joined by high profile figures from around the Conservative Party and, as of July 2018, have campaigned for over 80 consecutive days. We are still looking to add to our groundbreaking team of candidates and campaigners, if you are interested in joining our team as a candidate or supporter; please get in touch with the local association.

Our Candidates for Mansfield:

Cathryn Fletcher - Berry Hill

Sinead Anderson - Eakring

Bo Hitchmough - Holly

Ricky-Lee Cooke - Hornby

Cllr Stephen Harvey - King's Walk

Emily Dubourg - Lindhurst

Gina Aldridge - Ling Forest

Lee Anderson - Oakham

Daniel Redfern - Peafields

Helena Sale - Sandhurst