Thoughts with victims of Westminster attacks

The thoughts of everyone at Ashfield and Mansfield Conservatives is with the victims of the recent attacks on Westminster, and with our friends and colleagues who have been affected.

Brexit legislation in Parliament

Ashfield and Mansfield were amongst the highest proportion of 'Leave' voters in the whole country last June, and the Conservatives are supporting that democratic decision by making sure we have a clear plan for the future, and by starting the process of leaving the EU through the triggering of Ar

County Council elections

Election time is coming up fast and we're making decisions about who should represent the Conservative Party in County Council elections across Ashfield and Mansfield this May.

A Positive Autumn Statement

Today we've seen some fantastic announcements in the Autumn Statement to support people and businesses in the coming months and years, including:

A further rise in the Income Tax Threshold so we all pay no tax on the first £11,500 of our income.

Fantastic employment news again!

The unemployment rate has dropped to an 11-year low of just 4.8 per cent – down by more than 900,000 since 2010 – according to the latest set of labour market figures out today.

Polls give Conservatives record lead

All of the figures from Pollsters across the country right now give Theresa May's Conservative Party a record-breaking lead of up to 18 points over Corbyn's Labour.

Here are the latest figures from Ipsos Mori (14-17 Oct 16):

Westminster voting intention:

A Country that works for Everyone!

Conservative Party Conference this week made it clear that, whilst Labour fall out amongst themselves and UKIP fall to pieces, the Conservatives are putting ordinary working people first.